AMC provides support in procurement/outsourcing/supply chain from the identification of your life science business needs through the tendering process to final contract and project/product delivery.

This support includes:


♦ Choosing the “Right Fit” Service Provider/Vendor – Selection, Evaluation, Pre-qualification & Management

♦ Requests for Proposal/Quotation (RFP/Q) & Requests for Information (RFI) – Sponsor & Service Provider

♦ Proposal review and preparation for bid defence meetings – Sponsor & Service Provider

♦ Drafting and review of contracts – commercial terms & paralegal

♦ Preferred Provider relationships, oversight & governance structure

♦ Development of Lessons Learned tools and process

♦ Development of vendor management oversight processes

♦ Performance measurement/Metrics Development


In addition, AMC is able to support business development/commercial activities:


  • In matchmaking, the capabilities and potential synergies of different and/or complimentary organisations.
  • External communication and commercial presentation of Service Providers/CROs – developing/enhancing presentations and communication tools to promote effective selling of company capabilities
  • Development and publication/posting of subject matter articles/white papers, e.g. Pharma conference presentations and white papers on selection, evaluation & management of technology service providers