AMC has provided group trainings to the pharma sector as well as other sectors in both technical and soft skill subjects on :

  • Effective partnerships in Pharmacovigilance
  • Vendor Quality Management
  • Selection & Management of Service Providers,
  • Communication, Conflict management & Cultural diversity
  • Team Cohesion, Management of Generation X&Y

These training workshops have been successful with all participants indicating they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the content and the presentation of the material.

Please find here below 3 examples of workshop agendas:

I recently attended a presentation by Anna in Amsterdam where she talked about Communication & Conflict Management. I found her material to be well balanced between research and experience and it was delivered with belief, intelligence and compassion. I would thoroughly recommend her to any individual or organisation looking to increase their capability in this area.

Simon Taylor

COO th3rdcurve Ltd

I had the pleasure to attend a workshop led by Anna on communication and conflict management. Anna has proven to have a deep understanding of the conflicts and frictions that arise in cooperations in pharmaceutical companies. A case report that was discussed showed striking similarities to an existing one in our environment – very helpful to gain insights, discuss and analyze these situations of conflict and their best resolution.

Recommended for project managers, project and team leads!

Head of Clinical Operations, BioPharma Company

I recently attended Anna Matranga’s pre-PCT 2017 workshop presentation titled  “Communication & Conflict Management – To Better Manage Yourself and Your Partnerships”. It was a very engaging and thought-provoking  presentation. Anna guided us to take an honest look at how we define ourselves (our identity, needs and values) and to try to understand the identity, needs and values of the Other in order to move from self-oriented perception to a more objective one – toward a clear and respectful communication path. This is a basis for conflict management – challenging our beliefs through seeking and understanding other’s viewpoints and achieving small agreements while re-building relationships and trust.

I strongly believe that Improving communication and conflict management is a continuous objective for all of us, regardless of the industry we are in and the job we do. I recommend Anna’s course in Relationship Management as it comes from experience and real-life lessons-learnt.

Executive Director Business Development, Large CRO